2010 calendar available

You might remember that last year I talked about my stepfather’s Galapagos Island calendar project. If you’re new to the blog since then, my stepfather and stepbrother have put together paintings and drawings of the Galapagos Islands, arranged them into a calendar, and are selling them as a fund-raiser for The Damien House in Ecuador, which treats leprosy.

You can click the image to view it larger and see the details.

100% of the sale price goes to the Damien House, not just the profits. Their time painting and drawing, their materials, and the cost of printing the calendars is donated by them; if you write a check for the calendar, you actually make it out to The Damien House.

The pictures are gorgeous, as usual. You can view both the paintings and the drawings in a slideshow over at the calendar’s website (I’m not enough of a hacker to be able to grab the image addresses from the flash player, sorry).

Calendars are $15, plus $3 for shipping, and they are lovely enough to make great Christmas presents. My daughter brought one to school on they day they talked about grandparents, and her teacher asked to buy a calendar. The kid wasn’t even trying to sell them!

For more information:

check out here

or here

If you want one, you can email Paul Franzetti at paul9527@earthlink.com. Thanks, and enjoy!


  1. Zuri

    The Galapagos Islands are the most incredible living museum of evolutionary changes, with a huge variety of exotic species (birds, land animals, plants) and landscapes not seen anywhere else. Good luck with your project.

  2. capt_cardor

    I have this year’s calendar already, as well as last years. They are very beautiful and really special.

  3. Promise

    Thank you for posting this! I have forwarded the link to a charitable giving minded friend and will also be ordering at least one of these calendars myself.