Happy feast day, guardian angels!

Dear guardian angels:

I’d like to give you something wonderful, something to make your job seem a little brighter, a gift to show you how amazing you are. I’d love to write you a brilliant blog post, but in order to do that, I’d have to be brilliant.

So you’ll have to settle for a celebratory lasagna and maybe some cheesecake. Except that you don’t eat. I know.

There’s just nothing else I can say about it, really. I’m very glad you guys are around, and I’m so very glad God assigned you here.

If I come up with a brilliant idea for a weblog entry later, I’ll post it. But I know what normally happens when I come up with a brilliant idea, so maybe it’s for the best that I just gave you this cromulent little post.

I love you guys. But you know that, don’t you? I hope so.



(Here’s a picture I drew when I was 16 or 17. Or, cobbled together using tracing paper and imagination. Note the 1980s BIG HAIR!)


  1. Lane in PA


    This isn’t the comment you probably expect. It’s not about angels and Italian cuisine.

    It’s about the wealth of talent you have.

    There is no doubt at all about your incredible writing skills. You’re a published author, and will be again. You write so well that you make the whole process seem easy, which it isn’t for us less gifted.

    You also have a real knack for drawing. And please do not take this as criticism, but I sense you haven’t put as much emphasis on this as you have on your writing. When I first “met” you at EH forum, I intuited (is that a word?) that your avatars were your own creations. I found them to be refreshingly original.

    Your artwork communicates something I can’t quite find the words for. It’s honest, it’s appealing, it’s … from your heart. Your drawing which you shared in this post is amazing in how much it says in its understated execution. I mean that as a huge compliment.

    I’ve been painting since I was five (not a joke when you’re a child of a successful artist who you strive to please). I’ve sold many of my works, but I would like to be able one day to paint from my heart as you do.

    Please do not overlook your talents as a visual artist.

    And thank you for inspiring me.

    1. philangelus

      Well,I’m going to have to uninspire you. The two angels I used as avatars at ehell were drawn by Wendy. She’s got a deviantart page here: http://diinzumo.deviantart.com/gallery/

      Sadly, my knack for drawing is actually a knack for looking through catalogs and comics for neat pictures and then tracing them. I got to be very good at tracing other people’s artwork. I believe this one came from a catalog. I do have one somewhere that I drew entirely on my own, and it’s awful.

      The wings on this one are mine. I probably altered the face and the hair on this to make it look more like me, plus the sweater because I owned one that looked like this (only red). If I had to guess, I’d say the original was from the LL Bean or Lands End catalog. It’s got that feel to it.

      I don’t dispute it was from my heart. I drew a lot of things, but I don’t have the visual acuity to see where the lines need to go. I’ve got “drawing from the right side of the brain”on my amazon.com wishlist. But recently I tried to draw something funny that happened here, and I just couldn’t do it as anything other than outline figures. It’s pathetic.

  2. christopher

    “cromulent”? Where in the world have I been? Had to look that one up. Slang. Where does it come from? Who uses this word as slang? (besides you lol)

  3. Lane in PA

    I refuse to become uninspired. 🙂

    In college my art teacher’s method was based on Drawing on the Right Side…it was a quantum leap for me.

    And hey, tracing takes skill, too. Hand/eye coordination, you know.

  4. colleen

    Love this post. And the picture. Funny, but I didnt know what to say either! God bless.