a filk for worn-out moms

{Declan*} the screaming baby
had a very piercing cry.
And if you ever heard him,
you would see his Mommy sigh.

All of the other babies
used to take a morning nap.
They never gave their mommies
any of this screaming {flack}

{Sorry about the near-rhyme, but this is a rated-G blog. You can complete the rhyme properly if you use a different word.}

Then one crowded Christmas Eve,
Mommy thought to say,
“Baby with your scream so loud,
please disperse this Christmas crowd!”

Then how his parents hugged him
and they shouted out with glee,
{Declan} the screaming baby,
we’ll go on a shopping spree!

{Repeat this about 500 times and you’ll know what my first Christmas was like as a new mom with a high-need six month old, and why to this day, Amazon.com is my best friend. *Name changed to protect the innocent, but not-so-quietly-innocent.}


  1. Jason Block

    ROFL Thats too funny. I have heard that from you…4 times now 🙂

  2. Pat

    Okay, I was singing that to “Puff the Magic Dragon” until I got to the bridge . . .