Monthly Archive: February 2010


When I chose the stuffed animal for yesterday’s Weird Old Lady post, I actually chose one of Kiddo#2’s small friends from her her Weird Little Childhood. Allow me to introduce…Tat. In 2003, we visited my Patient In-Laws, and while there…
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a violin-maker

My mom was sitting at my table when I remembered I’d meant to tell her something. “Hey,” I said, taking my violin and a flashlight. “Look what I found.” About a month ago, sitting in the sun with my violin…
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A disquieting thought

Lent begins today, Ash Wednesday.  Traditionally, Catholics will take on an extra discipline during the 40 days between now and Easter (some excluding Sundays) in the areas of prayer, penitence and charity. Usually you hear of this as “giving something…
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