Monthly Archive: March 2010

Three-part disharmony

Triangles are the most stable natural configuration, I’m told, and Harriet Lerner in The Dance Of Anger (and The Dance of Intimacy too) talks about how we form relationship triangles.  I’m paraphrasing, but a relationship triangle is what happens when…
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More lyrical nonsense

Following up on yesterday’s musings about lyric-writers doing very heavy drugs while writing certain songs, what about when something sounds good in song but is impossible in real life? To whit, “Starting over.” I’ve got to say I have no…
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As I mentioned in my last entry, we’re losing a family member. We did lose him over the weekend. Grief is…typically, it’s atypical. I don’t know how often on the anencephaly support group I told moms, “There’s no right and…
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