the fabulous fib

Elana Roth had a contest over Twitter to see who could tell the best “big fat fib.” You could tweet up to five fibs with the #fatfib hashtag and she and Darren Farrell, author of the book Doug-Dennis And The Flyaway Fib, would judge which were the best.

I ended up winning a sheet of stickers  with the fib “Monday will be held on Tuesday this Wednesday,” and because I have the attention span of a gnat, when they arrived, I’d forgotten all about them. In my hand I had an envelope from a literary agency and I thought, “How could they have rejected me? I didn’t even query them.”

(Note: She represents YA and MG work; I write adult. Hence: it saves time if I reject myself without involving her in the process.)

At any rate, when I wrote her to say thank you for the stickers, she suggested we take pictures of them in silly places, like a Flat Stanley project. Hey, I can do that! I’ve had to take pictures of the “school pet” for projects for three kids now. (Many of them are sick and twisted. I should post those someday…) Anyhow, here you go:

Kind of like “action figure theater.” Lots of fun.

Yes, that’s the larval form of  the sock I posted about earlier this week. Later, I jumped at the chance to make silly puns:

Of course, then my sick and twisted side came out:

And here, because you  need a daily dose of cute:

The remaining stickers will go to a friend’s Daisy Scout troop, where I hope they’ll end up in even sillier places.


  1. cricketB

    Steve Schmit (or was it John Campbell — one of the Analog editors) once heard an author say his work wasn’t good enough for Analog. He told the author: “How dare you decided what is and isn’t acceptable for my magazine. Send it to me.”

    1. philangelus

      Yeah, but if the guy was writing Regency romances, it wasn’t going to be a good fit for Analog no matter how well it was written. 🙂

      When the novella got accepted last January, I’d pretty much decided it was no good, and they accepted it anyhow. Usually I’m a big proponent of “Let them reject you, not you” but if it’s a clear mismatch, submitting is rude and a time-waster.

      1. cricketB

        Agreed, but it’s still a great quote. In the fuller story, the author was in the right genre and style, just not confident of the quality. Also, that was a gazillion years ago, when JWC was actively looking for new talent to nurture.

  2. Kaci

    You probably have enough to write something with angels and children in it, Jane, if you had a mind to. 0=)

    Those are great. Is it twisted I think the ‘twisted’ one is normal? 0=)

  3. Mary Nicewarner

    Snicker! Again, not the bar- so don’t go M&M on me. Your blog cracks me up! I’m going to have to get your book. If it’s half as good as your blog then I’m in for a treat. I cannot write but I love reading 🙂