The dry-erase resignation letter

For starters, I do not recommend doing this. I do recommend looking at it, but I don’t recommend doing it. It’s highly unprofessional. It may burn your bridges forever. It may even be considered slander. But… But wow, was it funny.

A young woman quits her job via dry-erase board after her boss calls her a “hot piece of a**.”

And emails it to the entire company.

Please go read the whole thing, but do it in a place where you can laugh out loud. I’m still giggling about the dis-Spencer.

While I wouldn’t recommend doing this (quite the opposite) I quite understand the temptation. I might not have been able to resist the urge myself back when I had The Job From Hell. When you’re being beaten down every day by someone who has “authority” over you and clearly shouldn’t, you want everyone to know it. Especially if the other employees already know about it but don’t want to take action, it becomes more tempting to be the one who goes off the deep end.

I’m sure the woman in the photos will, in fact, do fine. Spencer too will do fine. He’s not going to change just because she revealed his Farmville habit or because she revealed his sexual harassment to the rest of the company (who undoubtedly already knew about it.) He’ll view himself as having been wronged by someone who behaved unprofessionally, and what do you want to bet he’ll come down harder on the other employees?

A workplace like that is toxic. It’s definitely best to get out. But it’s better to slip away in the dead of night. Eventually those companies fall apart because anyone good enough to find employment elsewhere will do so (and your leaving may inspire them to do the same.) Whereas if someone attacks the company in public like this, it gives management a chance to circle the wagons and shore themselves up, and the organization may survive a little longer.

Just leave. I’ve done it myself: hand in your two weeks’ notice and leave.


  1. paige

    I had to retweet this, what an awesome story. And not really for the revenge factor, but for the fact she’s walking away with her dignity and sense of humor very much intact. She’s creative and confident, and she’s right, she’ll be just fine. 🙂 And going viral on the ‘Net won’t hurt either. 😉

  2. diinzumo

    Turns out this was fabricated, but it lets us create a hero, just like the Steven Slater incident (the flight attendant who made a dramatic exit from a JetBlue plane). I don’t condone what Slater did, but I well understand the conditions that made him snap. There are some other unique ways of quitting at

  3. diinzumo

    Oh, I forgot: Remember the company I referred to as “Cold & Unfriendly?” Last week they laid off 500 local employees and are outsourcing the work to India.