Treacherous Mommy

I mentioned before how Kiddo#4 has body-image issues. He wants to wear shoes. He will not willingly remove his socks. He spent an entire summer’s swim lessons entering the pool wearing not only his swimsuit but also a t-shirt and his socks.

I suspect the problem is the toddleresque dilemma of what is Me and what is Not Me. He dislikes changing clothes, for example, although changing diapers is okay with him. (Usually.) Putting a float pack on for the pool was absolutely verboten because that was not only equipment but it also changed the shape of him. Very bad stuff.

The one time I tried to cut his hair while he was awake, he started to cry. “Put it back! Put it back!” he sobbed, and I blackened my soul by pretending to stick the severed strands back on his hair.

So when it came time to cut his hair yet again, well…

Treacherous Momma, waiting for the boy to nap. Evil, treacherous Momma.