Friday Fun: Star Trek meets Ke$ha

For Friday, something funny. As if me fixing a washing machine isn’t funny. :-b

Note: I disliked the song until I saw this video. The song is about drunken debauchery, so if that would offend you, please don’t watch it.

It captures a lot of the sillier, campier parts of Star Trek: The Original Series. My Patient Husband said he was afraid he knew where every one of these clips came from. One of my favorite moment is “Now the party don’t start till I walk in,” and Kirk has that smug grin. Yeah…



  1. Wyldkat

    Why was “Patient Husband” afraid he he knew where the scenes came from? That just makes him the same as some of us Grey Muzzles, a true Trekker. I recognized most, if not all of them, even if I couldn’t get the title out. ((while doing my best to ignore the song.))

    1. philangelus

      I think part of our geekiness is being slightly ashamed of just how geeky we are. 🙂

  2. Wyldkat

    *snicker* I’ve always been proud of being a Trekker. I use to brag about how fast I could identify an episode during the teaser.


    BoTP on the other hand .. I do my best to pretend I never really saw. Yeah, I actually saw Gatch first.