The Boys Upstairs: reviewed!

Normandie Fischer reviewed The Boys Upstairs! And wow — she mentioned CS Lewis in the same review as me. That gave me a little fangirl glow.

Check it out. Thanks!


  1. Normandie

    Yes, well, lest your head expand too much for your shoulders and so tilt you off balance, the comparison had to do with your angel books, Annihilation and The Guardian. I WANT MORE of those, please, pretty please. Not that the Boys lacked anything. It was a really moving and fun read. But the alternate worlds — or rather the fantasy elements in your angelic worlds — drew me in, just as the works of Lewis and Le Guin did.

    See, now all your blog readers are going to have to dash out and order a copy of each of those. I found The Guardian on Amazon.

    1. philangelus

      I still got a fangirl headrush. 😉 DEP and I had a handshake agreement to do more Seven Archangels novels, but then the publisher changed management and things are in a state of upheaval. I’m not sure what will happen to those manuscripts.

  2. Normandie

    There’s bound to be someone else who will take them. I’ll be praying that the Lord will open the door. And go right ahead and preen.

    1. philangelus

      Maybe. But for now, check your mailbox. 😉

  3. Normandie

    I’m so excited about what the Goggle mailman left on my desktop! I’ve only had time to read page one, but I’m hooked. And that’s a very good thing. (Say I, the very picky reader.)

    I recently ordered several titles from various publishers, a sort of test-the-waters investment to see what was flying off the presses while mine languished. I still have the stack, many of the works begun and then set neatly (or not so) back on the pile.

  4. Scott

    Congratulations. I noticed Tolkien mentioned as well. So, when is Peter Jackson going to be directing a Seven Archangels trilogy 😉

    1. Jane

      Were you around in April 2009? Check it out:

      Because I’m a wiseacre.

  5. Normandie

    Scott, I can see it now.