Boys Upstairs giveaway winner, and more

We’re back and it’s time to pick a winner. We’re going to use the good old fashioned method of rolling a twenty-sided die to choose a winner. My Patient Husband is excluded from the drawing not only because he’s my Patient Husband but also because he had the twenty-sider on his desk at work and I had him roll over the phone and tell me the number.

I have to say the haikus all made me smile and several had me laughing out loud. If you haven’t gone back and read them, do: we’ve got a few that capture the feel of the blog, one that references a specific blog post, a couple asking how the heck a normal person is supposed to write a haiku.

All in all, very much fun. There’s something about a haiku that makes people laugh, and laughter makes life livable.

And because you’re all dying with anticipation, my Patient Husband rolled an 8, which is Karen McGrath’s haiku. I will be contacting Karen later today to ask what she wants and how she wants it delivered.

Two more reviews are up today. Angie Lofthouse posted a review of The Boys Upstairs on her weblog, and later today Julie Davis will be posting one at Happy Catholic. (I’ll give the link when I get it, but it’s not live yet.)

And finally, a reminder that the publisher is discounting the book by 25% until December 10th. Use code: HC2010D at checkout in the discount code box before going to Paypal and the price drops from $4.50 to $3.38 (Canadian).

Thanks so much for making it a fun publication day!