We’re all sick right now, and because this is a family-friendly weblog, I will not give any symptoms because, well, why? Let’s call it the New York City Death Virus. If you live in Angelborough, please do not breathe anywhere near my house.

Last night while I was down for the count, two-year-old Kiddo#4 climbed into bed with me. By now, I’m used to awakening in the middle of the night with a very big face right in my face, a stuffed penguin named Gwinn tucked under the Kiddo’s arm and my blankets being ripped off me. He’ll ask something very important, such as, “What that spell?” and then, in my befuddled sleepy state, I must flail for whatever word he might have seen written in his dreams (“Was it CAT?“) and then he gives a satisfied, “Yes,” and he and Gwinn cuddle up to me.

So there I was, fully occupied with misery, when Kiddo#4 climbed into bed with me, clutching Gwinn, and sat looking at me for a minute. He asked me to come downstairs, and I said, “No, sweetie. Momma’s sick.”

And then, instead of hearing him tell me I had to get over myself and come downstairs to do puzzles, I felt his hands on me. He lifted my arm, and he pushed Gwinn at my chest, then pressed my arm back down over Gwinn.


  1. Wyldkat


    Sorry you’re feeling poorly, but the image is priceless.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we all could be so innocent and caring.

    Get better soon.

  2. Eliza tilton


  3. Jen P

    Love it.

  4. Cricket

    Get well soon (and take good care of Gwinn).

  5. whiskers09092006

    You are raising such wonderful compassionate children. My hat off to you, good lady. *hugs*

  6. Sara Ann Denson

    Aaawwwww!! I love those moments. *Sigh* Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. Lucy

    Oh, my goodness. That is so sweet.

  8. Amy Deardon

    Sorry to hear you’re sick. These are sweet memories with Gwinn though.

  9. The Sojourner


  10. The brother

    Wow how did you guys get so sick? Oh wait, that’s right……

  11. arianne

    Sorry you were feeling ill; I share your stuffed penguin joy; my 3 year old has “BeakBeak”. Beakbeak the penguin is his best friend, and often joins us in bed for a cuddle; It’s good stuff 🙂