Since we’re all still here…

Since we’re all still here, let’s get to work. There are still hungry people to feed, the sick and dying to pray for, and sad people to comfort. I’m praying in a special way today for everyone deceived by the rapture promises, that no one’s faith will be shattered because of this.

I do not intend to remain inactive in Heaven. I want to work for the Church and for souls. I have asked this of God and I am certain that He will grant my request.

I will spend my Heaven doing good upon earth. This is not impossible, since the angels though always enjoying the beatific vision, watch over us. No, I cannot be at rest until the end of the world. -St. Thérèse of Lisieux


  1. Monica

    A good reminder.

    1. philangelus

      I don’t know if you were around when I posted the four phases of Christian development, but phases III and IV are pretty much “I’ll be over here cleaning up if Jesus comes back.” 🙂