O those tricky archangels…

Back in May I decided to try Malabrigo’s Silky Merino, and when I had to pick a color, I noticed one of the colors was called Archangel. How could I resist? I bought two skeins and figured eventually the right project would show up.

I picked a gorgeous cowl for the project. And then the yarn showed up. These are the same dye lot.

Hmm. Now, I know how to blend one into the other so they don’t make a huge mess, but it still seemed kind of funny. Ivy tells me this happens sometimes with kettle-dyed yarn.

Last week, when I was finally ready to do the cowl, I realized the project would most likely require a third skein, so I ordered two more, figuring the dye lot wouldn’t matter since these two were already so different. With any luck, the two would end up somewhere in between, or at least close enough that I could use one of these with the two new ones.

You already know where this is going, right?


Don’t get me wrong: they’re gorgeous. But can none of these look like the others? Not even a bit?

I love the orange, by the way. The one that’s mostly orange is exactly the color scheme of the angel Rachmiel, whom you’ll be hearing a lot more about in coming weeks. (Or, if you read my first novel, you already know who he is.)  So I was thrilled to see the colors, but…well, I kind of wanted them to match.

Well, the takeaway here is that no two angels, or archangels, are exactly alike. God kettle-dyes our souls and we all come out in different patterns and shades even from others who are in our same colorway. And then it’s up to us to find a project that best harmonizes whatever color combination we came out with.


  1. lbdiamond

    Aww, nuts! How annoying. However, I like how you wove this into a meaningful post. 🙂

  2. loriendil

    Gorgeous thoughts and way to express them. Thanks. 🙂