Poem published! Jump

Over at the Floorboard Review, I’ve got a new poem published.  Jump is one of those pivotal moments we all face, although it’s not always at the edge of a swimming pool.

You insisted
You won’t drown.

This whole poem came out of my head in one shot. The idea came while I was getting the mail, and I had the whole poem in my head before I got back upstairs.

Even if you don’t like poetry, this one is accessible, and I’m so glad it’s finally in print. Thank you for checking it out.


  1. Mary

    Jane, I love poetry and Jump was incredible and powerfully moving. I felt every single line of it. Do you have poems here on your blog?

  2. lynnmullen

    Jane, I loved your poem – I was so moved by it, I actually started to cry!

  3. Illya

    What a moving poem. It rally hurt to read it, but it was beautiful. Congratulations on its publication