Dear Sir: So glad you thought that was funny.

If you were the man in the row in front of us at church this morning, with your shoulders shaking and tears streaming down your face as you tried not to bust up laughing during the Sign of Peace…

…yes, yes I was actually hissing “Too much peace!” to my boys as they wrestled one another to the floor as a sign of their Christian love.

Brightening your morning is just another service I offer as a Mom.


  1. Sara Ann Denson

    As a Catholic mom of two boys….I soooooo appreciate this! Hilarious!

    1. philangelus

      You mean I’m not the only one? That’s a relief. All the other kids I see in church are little angels. 🙂 (Probably because I’m so busy riding herd on my own.)

  2. capt_cardor

    As pious young children they were simply re-enacting Jacob wrestling with an angel.

    Maybe not?

    1. philangelus

      “I said PEACE!”

      I’m not sure if we’re missing something in translation…

  3. Amy Deardon

    Too funny!

  4. loriendil

    Jane – you are not the only one. But here’s the fun (she said nodding with the wisdom of experience): wait till you’re a grandma and get to watch your kids deal with the mini-clones of themselves. Such joy!

  5. tulipgrrl