The things we do for love

Somehow I end up being somewhat voluntold to knit a Blue Bird Of Angriness for my kiddos.

Have you stopped laughing at my plight  yet? (The godmother of one of the Kiddos laughed out loud and then choked it back admirably, perhaps considering karma: she has three Kiddos of her own who may come up with their own unreasonable knitting demands.)

I needed to use Red Heart yarn for this. I happened to have polyfill. I needed to learn two different techniques. And I’m not happy with the way the eyes came and may redo the left one.

But regardless, the Kiddos are happy.

Pattern is from here, although I modified it in order to create a bluebird of angriness rather than a cardinal bird of angriness.


  1. Bethany Myers

    Absolutely AWESOME!!!!

  2. Cricket

    You’ve earned your knitting badge for sure with that one! (You already have the awesome Mom badge.)

  3. blueraindrop

    if they’d only wanted the red one, i totally would have cheated and just stitched the bottom of one of these stocking caps closed.

  4. Victoria Madrid

    Sheer awesomeness!

  5. capt_cardor


  6. diinzumo

    Yep! Mom is awesome.

    1. Jason Block

      Agreed. (makes Blue Angry Bird sound in flight).