An image for your consideration


Have a peace-filled and holy Christmas.



  1. capt cardor

    Ever generation and every culture visualizes the Madonna and child in its own way. I think this is a great idea for a 21st century portrait.

  2. diinzumo

    Isn’t this lovely? I love the colors.

  3. David

    I liked it right up until I saw her robe , too Eastern too Pagan

  4. Rana Kate

    David, for what it’s worth, the symbols and designs are NOT either Eastern or Pagan, but reminescent of 6th century Irish Christian art. Google the “Book of Kells,” you’ll see what I mean.

    This is a lovely an evocative piece, satisfying both visually and spiritually.

  5. David

    So I did look it up and I see your point. OK it’s neither Eastern nor Pagan – still don’t like it – too primitive, animistic and distractingly ornate. Don’t like the hair over Mary’s eyes either, but the baby is excellent as is the backdrop/mural.

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