The Boys Upstairs, 40% off

Via my publisher, my book The Boys Upstairs (and every other book) is 40% off for Boxing Day.

Our 1 day boxing day 40% off special is now on. Our code is on homepage of our bookstore:


Code is to be placed in our bookstore before moving on to PayPal.

This is through the publisher’s website only, not through Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords or any other storefront that sells the book. My book’s page is at

It’s $4.50 Canadian before the discount, so about $2.50 Canadian after discount.

If you’re brand new to my weblog, The Boys Upstairs is about a cop who finds himself trying to help three young children only a few nights before Christmas, and the only one who can help is his estranged brother, a priest who’s become known for helping children the world already gave up on. The book earned the Catholic Writer’s Guild Seal Of Approval in 2011.