This is so bizarre I need to blog about it right now, even though I had another post I wanted to write.

I just got home from BJs about fifteen minutes ago. When I went around back to unload the trunk of the minivan, as I popped the hatch, the box of tomato sauce cans tumbled out, and three cans fell onto the driveway.

I picked up the three cans and the box to bring them into the house. The cans were undented, so I started to put them back in the box…

…only to find there wasn’t enough room. The box is for 12 cans, and it already had 10 cans in it.


At that point I was curious, so I tried fitting that thirteenth can into the box. I tried making space. I tried fitting them sideways. I tried everything I could think of, but I could only fit twelve.

There is definitely a thirteenth can. The cans all have the same control number and the same time-stamp. The box wasn’t misshapen when I picked it up, when I checked it out, when I fit it into my car. I like to slide all the boxes into place so they don’t fall out of the car when I pick up the tailgate, so in general I will have picked up and turned over each box at least one time. I’d have noticed one side bulging out.

And yet, thirteen cans. Box of twelve.

Bon apetit.


  1. loriendil

    It wasn’t really a box, it was a tesseract. 😀

    1. philangelus

      So if I close up the torn box again, will I get more extra cans?

  2. MysteryNurse

    It’s a Lenten miracle. Use it to make cheese pizza for dinner on Friday.

    1. philangelus

      But what if the reason I was gifted this extra, magic can of tomato sauce was that someone else needs it? Maybe I need to set out on a Quest to find the person in need of sauce.

  3. Monica

    Time to make lasagna for your Guardian Angel. 🙂

    1. philangelus

      Angels love lasagna! 🙂

  4. capt cardor

    How unusual!

    Perhaps it takes a person of Italian background to perform the miracle of the loaves and fishes with tomato sauce.

    Did you buy any bread?


    1. philangelus

      There are still only two loaves of bread. Even more disappointing, my bottled water is still bottled water.