All my friends are publishing things!

I have to do one giant post to cover everyone I know who’s got some great publishing news. Some of these folks may be familiar to you from the comment box, so please, go check out their work.

Pauline Griffin recently re-released Star Commandos, the first novel in the series. (The link goes to the publisher’s page, but it’s available at Amazon, B&N, Kobobooks, Google ebooks, and on and on.) I loved this series so much when I first read it at age 16-ish and I still remember the high emotions of so many of the scenes. One of the later books is dedicated to my mother….and one of them to me as well. (Don’t worry: I returned the favor by dedicating Seven Archangels: Annihilation to her.)

Karina Fabian, who previously appeared on this blog for her book Magic, Mensa and Mayhem, has released another book about Vern the dragon-detective, Live And Let Fly. (As before, I linked to the publisher, but it’s available from Amazon, B&N, etc.) I’m looking forward to reading this one, which looks just as pun-laden as the previous stories. I bought it on publication day!

Normandie Fischer has an awesome announcement about her novel Becalmed, southern fiction with a side of sailing.

Also by Pauline Griffin, we’ve got Trouble The Cat, two fantasy stories about a cat named Trouble who more than lives up to his name.

And finally, a book I’m VERY long-overdue in reviewing, The Story Template by Amy Deardon. This is non-fiction, a dissection of all the elements of a great story, so you can plan and build your novel with proper foundations for plot arc and character arc. So far it’s very interesting, and I can see where it will be very helpful in building a novel from the planning phase outward. I have a review copy, so after I finish it, there will be an actual review.

And finally…well, you’ll just have to come back later this week for an announcement that’s a bit closer to home. 😉 Not to tease you or anything. Except I totally am.


  1. Normandie

    I thank you, Jane. I can’t wait for your next announcement–tell, tell, pretty please…

  2. Sara Ann Denson

    Printing out the list now…