One more on FAILates

If you’ve ever read my blog and thought, ‘Get over yourself’…

No, I can’t.


  1. Cricket

    There should be a step between 1 and 2, where you bend your knees. Keeping your legs straight during the lift is very bad for your low back — unless your back is strong enough for the advanced moves. With your feet at the end of a very long lever — Physics 102.

    Slide feet towards bum, knees to ceiling. Then lift feet.

    This is also the Plow in yoga.

    Our hi-intermediate class never did this. It requires flexibility, strength, and a good deal of control, including side-muscles to avoid twisting.

    So, yeah — it’s not surprising you find it hard.

  2. Monica


  3. celticadlx

    I’m with you.