Two mighty hunters compare notes

Remember this guy?

Orion! He’s not this small anymore.

Here’s his buddy, Jerina:

Jerina cat, right after we rescued her in our back yard

Orion is now wearing an adult body, but he’s still got a kitten brain. He doesn’t look and act like a baby anymore, but he’s still a bit crazy (okay, a lot crazy) and likes to attack Jerina for any reason, including “You exist.”

Jerina was always our scardey-cat, we’re guessing because she was mistreated by her original owners (the kind people who didn’t treat her after she got shot). We figure she lived outdoors for six months to a year between when they dumped her and we caught her, but she remembered those lessons.

She wouldn’t go on the beds and would run away when I put her on one. Eventually I put her on the bed and held her there while I petted her. Poor thing was terrified, but after that, she slept on the bed all the time. But she still wouldn’t sit in the windows or on the backs of the sofas, and three years later, she still won’t risk being in the bathroom with you, in case you close the door. Sounds like a cat they were afraid would be discovered by a landlord, huh? Adding to the mystery, one of my local friends has a cat who the previous owner dumped (by admission) because the landlord said no cats, so they’d been keeping the cat locked in the bathroom. What are the odds it’s the same person?

She’s still our mighty hunter, though. Despite never going outdoors, she got worms last year. Hmm. About a month after we’d heard mice scrabblings in one of the walls. I guess the bait blocks weren’t the reason we stopped hearing them.

Well, since Orion came into the house, she’s brave. She sees him doing things she’s been terrified to do — risky, amazingly crazy things like sleeping beside us on the bed. And now she’s begun doing them too. She comes downstairs during the daytime, because he does that. And I think she really likes him. Despite the fact that he jumps her — she actually fights back now. They’re playmates.

A fly got into the house, and by the evening, Orion had found it. Went up close to it to sniff. It flew away. Orion’s eyes went huge, and he followed it to another wall and tried to touch it with his paw. It flew away. Orion chased it. About three minutes later, I found him crouched, face to his paws, licking his lips, and I never saw the fly again.

The next day, so help me, that cat looked smug.

Orion: I’m a mighty hunter!

Jerina: You?

Orion: I captured and ate my own kill yesterday.

Jerina: A housefly.

Orion: Which I captured myself. And consumed.

Jerina: We’re talking about a housefly, right?

Orion: My name means ‘Mighty Hunter,’ after all.

Jerina: And the rest of the things out there? Have you captured mice? Voles? Robins? Sparrows?

Orion: This was merely the first of many conquests.

Jerina: Rabbits? Squirrels? Chipmunks?

Orion: You just don’t understand. Greatness calls my name. I’m off to hunt more right now.

Jerina: The bowl of kibble is in the bathroom, just in case you forgot.

Our mighty hunters…hunting.


  1. Ana


  2. diinzumo

    Ohh, they teach each other all right. MIsha never cruised the tables/counters or clawed the carpet or the furniture or the blinds until Gabe taught her to do it.

    1. philangelus

      So why can’t Jerina teach Orion to stay the hell off the kitchen counters? She’s never once tried to get on the counters or the table, but him? It’s a daily battle. πŸ˜‰

      I know, I know, they only learn bad stuff, not good stuff. πŸ˜€

      1. Mary Randy

        Funny! My cat gets on the counters too. Just think – litter box feet πŸ˜‰

        I tagged you for a meme if you get a chance. I remembered the “Wipe me” story you left in my comment section once and figured this would be a breeze for you. Plus, you have a wicked sense of humor. Only if you can, of course!

        Mary (Beautiful Gate)

        1. philangelus

          You sure it wasn’t “bite me”? Thanks, I’ll see what I can do. πŸ™‚