“hearing” angels

It’s my opinion that we sometimes “hear” angels without hearing them. I’m convinced that last week, my guardian angel saved someone else’s life.

But first, an example. About thirteen years ago, I was home alone with Kiddo1 while my Patient Husband was on yet another trip for work. That night I made ravioli, but when it came time to dump the water from the pot, I reached for a slotted spoon and fished the ravioli out. No reason why. I never did that, but that night I did. We ate dinner, and an hour later, when I picked the pot up off the stove to carry it to the sink, both handles gave out and the water poured all over me. I was soaked from mid-thighs down…but soaked with room-temperature water, not boiling water. The pot went into the trash, I got changed, and no harm done. I never “heard” my guardian angel warn me, but I figure he must have.

Last week, we have me merging onto the highway, which was moving pretty well. Granted, the car in the right lane was toddling along at a modest 50mph, but the other two lanes were moving, and although it’s a very curvy part of the highway, there was plenty of room to merge.

When I use this entrance, I almost always merge into the center lane as soon as possible. I’ve done this upwards of a hundred times, and the only times I haven’t moved left were when I couldn’t. Except for last Tuesday, when I didn’t. I stayed in lane behind Mr. 50 MPH and felt this was the right place to be, a comfortable place.

Fifteen seconds later, a motorcycle shot out of nowhere and blew through the lane I would have merged into. I hadn’t seen this guy at all, nor at that speed do I think I could have because he must have been doing ninety to a hundred miles per hour. I’m basing that on how quickly he was passing the cars in the other two lanes, weaving through traffic and swinging from lane to lane, and then disappearing around a bend in the roadway.

Right after he passed, it felt okay to merge now.

Instinct? Gavin DeBecker would call it that. I think I was warned. Regardless, I’m glad.


  1. Lorraine E. Castro

    Gavin DeBecker is right and so are you. Instincts are part of the relationship we have with the Divine, from which we are never disconnected. You happen to realize each of us has been assigned guides and guardian spirits to help protect and keep you safe. Luckily, you know how to sense their messages and be open to responding to those messages without allowing your intellect to override.

  2. Normandie

    Love stories where God intervenes.

  3. Monica

    “The farther along the path of God we walk, the more angels we encounter.”

    I don’t know who said that, but I think it’s true.

  4. cricketB

    I spent the morning teaching computers a senior who is totally disconnected from her angels or voices or instinct or whatever you call it. She told me she always breaks things. She hears a voice wondering what might happen if she does something, and ignores it. “I wonder if plastic is too thick for the hole punch. Damn, I broke the punch.” It sounds to me like she almost defies the voice, and now that’s reflex. “I’m not going to wait around for a voice that doesn’t tell me something useful.”

    I joked about it, said my voice was passive-aggressive. It won’t actually come out and say something is a bad idea. It’s not true, though. It’s good and loud, as long as I bother to translate.

    I usually teach computers by knitting while they explore. “I think it’s called Garbage. They keep changing the names. See anything relevant? Beep! Dropped a stitch.” I’ve been saying for weeks I need to get another pair of socks on the needles. You should see the state of my finger nails! Maybe this student is why. Maybe this woman needs more procedures and less experimentation — and my usual method wouldn’t have worked.

  5. Mary Randy

    I’m in complete agreement with you, Jane. I believe our guardian angels are in intimate contact with us every day. One day I think we’ll be amazed when we find out exactly how much help, both spiritual and physical, they have given us.