Linkey goodness!

No, no links to videos of me playing the violin, or else the internet would be totally broken forever.

Laura is hosting a giveaway on her blog: I’m giving away a pair of hand-knitted slippers, and she’s reviewing my Christmas novella The Boys Upstairs. I think you get two entries if you’re already following my blog or if you’re following me on Twitter, so go ahead and enter. I’ll make the slippers to your specifications.

And on Amy Deardon’s blog, Amy’s interviewing me about writing in general, and about life, and…well, everything. 

As an added bonus, I’m also not including a video of myself playing the violin. Did I mention the no-video thing?


  1. Elizabeth D.

    Thanks for the “linkey goodness.” I enjoyed the interview and entered the contest. 🙂

    1. philangelus

      Thanks, and good luck!