If you mailed me a book…

…thank you.

I have no idea who sent me a copy of “Candle In The Darkness” by Lynn Austin. I like Lynn Austin’s work. I’m following her on Goodreads. But her novel arrived in my house via third-party seller, and I have no clue who sent it.

There was no packing slip. No one has admitted to sending the book. There is no tracking number and no order number. I don’t think it was on my Amazon wishlist. But that means whoever ordered it must have known my address *and* must have had access to my Goodreads profile, and very few people have both.

So. Well. If you sent me a book as a Random Act Of Kindness, I think you. I will enjoy the book, and I’ll enjoy the mystery of how it arrived.


  1. Mom

    Maybe it was the Easter Bunny !
    What a fun surprise 🙂