Step One: Order beautiful yarn from an online seller. Use generous gift card from Sister-in-law.

Step Two: Because beautiful yarn plus shipping totals to twenty-six cents less than the gift card amount, select a cheap item to add to the order. Pick a shawl stick. Since there are 30 varieties of shawl pin, just pick a nice one. Submit order.

Step Three: Four days later, receive an email from the seller that the shawl stick is out of stock and will hold up delivery of your order for four weeks. Note that the seller has offered to allow you to change the order.

Step Four: Write to the seller and suggest four other options for shawl sticks, promising to be just as happy with whatever they send.

Step Five: Receive email from seller stating that your order has been changed in the system and will ship tonight.

Step Six: Receive new email from seller stating that the order has shipped.

Step Seven: Rejoice!

Step Eight: Notice there is a twenty-six cent balance on your gift card.

Step Nine: Yep. The shawl stick is now totally removed from the order.

Step Ten:


Well? What do you think is going to arrive in the mail? Let’s take guesses and I’ll let you know when it arrives.


  1. Pat

    The shawl pin and no yarn, of course!

  2. crescentgaia

    Step 10: Let us know how long we need to hold our breath? 😀

    I agree with Pat.

  3. Tana Bevan

    It’s been 11 days. Inquiring minds want to know 1) what actually arrived in your shipment, and 2) what you actually made (are making) with the beautiful yarn Sister-in-law’s generous gift card made possible.

    Thanks for the smile! I signed up for your blog as I have a feeling there will be many more smiles that come with the posts. (Or at least are a result of them.)

  4. Diinzumo

    How old is TBDC now? Is he still in kitten phase (which I think lasts for a year and a half)? Poor you.

    1. philangelus

      Eighteen months, yeah. But somehow I doubt TBDC is going to grow up, emotionally speaking. He’s forever a great big kitten. 🙂