Seven ways to get me to knit for you again

7) Wear holes in the thing I knitted for you.

6) Wear the thing I knitted into a public place and announce to everyone who made it. (This is better if I’m nowhere near when it happens. Or I might die.)

5) Take a hundred selfies of yourself wearing the knitted thing.

4) Tell me the thing I knit was embued with my energy and now whenever you wear it, you want to write.

3) Squeal and jump in place the first time you try it on.

2) Buy a coat to match the hat I made  on a whim.

1) Ask me.


  1. hthrb

    Great post! That’s almost exactly how I feel about the things I build for my friends. (I would totally do #7 but you’re busy and I’m a random internet stranger)

  2. Pat

    Yes, exactly! I find the socks I made my youngest daughter on her feet or in the laundry all the time. I just tossed one pair because of the holes in it. Makes me so eager to make her some more!

  3. k8e308

    Yes, so accurate. Even for stuffed animals. My son requested a coat for his giraffe, which I managed to do, with all of the requested holes for his feet, ears, and horns. The giraffe has worn the thing every single day since I finished and I almost want to make him another one, just in case he wants to wear a different color some days.

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  5. Elizabeth Duncan

    Miss you, Jane. Hope you’re having a great year so far! 🙂