The Impulse Tithe

Remember how I’m supposed to do one Scary Thing every day? I’ve found my Scary Thing scary enough for the entire month of November: I’ll be selling my books at the church craft fair.

I’m coping with my terror by planning, and I decided to make some bookmarks through Vistaprint. While on the site, I remembered their free business card deal, and I got some of those too — except not for me. They’re for the parish’s knitting/crocheting ministry, for us to tag the items we knit. I made them say something sappy (and true) like “Hand crafted with love” and overall, they look really nice. There’s only fifty, so we’ll run out soon, but that’s fifty tags I don’t have to write by hand in my lovely chicken scrawl.

I checked out. Because the business cards were free and the bookmarks were not, I used my publishing paypal account (promotion is a business expense). Sounds good, right?

After checkout, Vistaprint said, “Wait! You’ve been chosen for an awesome promotion! For $3, you can get another 200 business cards!”

Great deal! I clicked on the button to add those to my order, and I walked away happy.

And then I thought — uh-oh. That’s not a business expense. The horrors!

I actually had to give this some consideration, but finally I decided it could be some kind of business donation to the knitting ministry. (Cue me laughing atmyself. “Can I now say ‘Philangeus Press: Proud Sponsor Of The Angelborough Knit-Crochet Group!'”)

My Patient Husband said, “It could be a tithe.”

And I laughed because technically none of my accounts have paid me yet for any of the book sales. “Hey, God,” I called, “I’m ahead of you on tithing — you owe me thirty bucks!”

Lots of laughter. I’m sure it doesn’t work that way, but I hope God at least got a smile.

Oh, by the way, the Goodreads giveaway for Seven Archangels: Annihilation was so successful that I listed one for a print copy of The Wrong Enemy as well. If you’re a GR member, give it a shot! Good luck. 🙂

The Wrong Enemy 333x500