It’s here! Honest And For True!

Bucky appears, dressed in white and holding a lily. “For behold,” he intones, “I bring you tidings of hot coffee, for unto you this morning in the kitchen is brewed Green Mountain Coffee Roasters cinnamon hazelnut.”

I can only stare at his expectant smile that says ‘I’ll look cute so you won’t hit me.’

My groggy brain can’t come up with a good retort. The best I can manage is to make a face. “You’re still bummed that you didn’t get picked for that job?”

His resolve cracks. While he laughs, I add, “I hope your audition was better than that.”

“Hey!” He whaps me on the head with the lily. “This will be a sign to you: you will find a bagel wrapped in a paper bag and lying on the counter.”

Publication day! Everything is either already live or is going live, so here’s where you can find the book! Intro price for the ebook is $2.99; paperback will start at $12.99.

Amazon (Kindle and paperback versions)

Barnes And Noble (Nook and soon the paperback version)

Kobo (epub format)

iBooks (epub)

Plus there’s still a few hours left on the Goodreads giveaway, so go sign up and maybe you’ll get the paperback for free.

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