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Jane Lebak talks to angels, cats, and her kids. Only the angels listen to her, but the kids talk back. She lives in the Swamp, writing books and knitting socks, with the occasional foray into violin-playing. You’ll also find her blogging at QueryTracker.net, a resource for writers seeking agents and small publishers.

And this is what I really look like:

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Philangelus Press is the multimedia empire of Jane Lebak, Incorporated. Multimedia because I have two¬†audiobooks. And it’s not just any kind of multimedia empire: it’s an international multimedia empire because I’ve sold books worldwide, and I’ve gotten fan mail from both the Philippines and New Zealand (Hi, Nanette and Chantelle!)

I started Philangelus Press once I realized I could do just about all the things a major publisher can do, only I can do them to my own personal control-freak specifications. It’s a lot of fun, and I’m having a blast. Plus, I get to talk to my readers every so often, and that’s really amazing. You can check out my books on this site or just go to Amazon and load up your cart.



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