Comment Policy

I love getting comments. They’re fun. Please feel free to comment all you like.


I want things to remain fun, and I know that every so often, my sarcasm or the subject matter might spark strong opinions in those who wish to comment. So I’d like to set up a couple of guidelines for commenting.

  • Comments should pertain to the post itself.
  • Comments to other commenters are okay if they pertain to the post.
  • Comments insulting other commenters aren’t cool.
  • Comments that are violent, hostile or profane also are not cool, and they will be edited or deleted.
  • If I feel the need to remove someone’s comment, I might issue a warning first, but only one.

If you disagree with me, that’s fine: but do please tell me why. You’d be surprised how often I can have my mind changed by a good argument that makes sense, but don’t be surprised if I ask you a ton of questions before I get to that point. Truth should be truth, and seriously, I don’t have a monopoly on it.

In other words: If you tell me I’m full of garbage, I probably won’t listen. If you tell me I’m full of garbage and give me two good reasons why, I probably will.

Many of the visitors here are not Christian, not parents, not bereaved parents, not music-lovers, not angelphiles, not cat owners, and not lovers of sarcam–and that’s terrific! An alternate perspective is frequently eye-opening. It would be a shame if individuals kept silent because they didn’t want to provoke a fight with an alternative viewpoint, so please–let’s make it a safe place to be.

Please keep things lighthearted, sarcastic, witty, and fun. There are enough websites to give us all heartburn. The world doesn’t need one more.

Thanks so much for understanding.

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