ten million crows

One of those days, you know. I opted to take the one-hour glucose challenge for this pregnancy, but I went all space-cadet on what “one hour before the blood draw” means, so I ended up drinking the orange goop half an hour before. Not a big deal–I was signed up for a 30 minute slot to draw blood anyhow.

I got to the midwives’ office to find they had double-booked me, which I’d said they should because it’s idiotic to hog a 30 minute timeslot for a 30-second blood draw. But what it meant was I had to keep Kiddo#3 quiet while we waited. Keep in mind that we’re already 30 minutes behind my planned schedule at this point (ENTIRELY my fault).

Afterward I had to reassure Kiddo#3 that yes, they put a hole in my arm, but yes, I had wanted them to do that.

We drive to the auto body shop where the remnants of my close encounter with a Subaru Outback will be removed, courtesy of the Outback’s insurance. Of course, that took 30 minutes longer than I planned. Then I had to transfer all the car seats and anything I thought we might need for the next few days between cars. I’m fortunate I remembered Kiddo#1’s karate gear.

The delays meant I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping as planned. Besides, I’m now renting a Nissan Quest (hate it, hate it, hate it–no visibility, and the doors make these whacking sounds that make me think the car is about to let go of itself and collapse into a thousand pieces) and all my radio station presets are gone and I don’t have the right cable for my iPod. Whine, whine. I just needed to go home and crawl into my cave. I thought we had enough milk to last until tomorrow anyhow.

We pull into my driveway and I look up to realize I left my garage remote in the other car. Just… Grr.

Nothing to be done about it. I park in the driveway and open the door… And instantly I hear crows. Ten million of them.

Well, maybe hundreds of crows. In the trees just to the north of the Philangelus residence.

There’s no reason for them to be there. We aren’t normally a crow magnet. We’re beside a wetland, but ordinarily we don’t see more than two or three crows at a time. And yet there they were, in the crowns of the pines, chirping and calling and yapping and squawking like crazy.

I took Kiddo#3 out of the car, and as we went into the house, they lifted off, darkening the sky and still calling to one another.

It was a neat moment in an otherwise frustrating day. Very cool stuff.