publication: I can haz furgiveness?

The Wittenburg Door has published my article about the LOLcat Bible.

There were already twelve comments on it when I checked it out this morning. I especially like the comment about the kng jim version. 🙂

The Kiddos have been going around saying, “You will has kitten and naem him Jesus” since breakfast when I found it. Go over and check it out and then have nightmares of angels singing “W00t to teh Ceiling Cat!”


  1. xdpaul

    Man, you’ve out-done yourself. Now you have to go through all the hassle of getting yourself back in-doned, so you don’t embarrass the mere earthlings who occupy this planet and bask in the glory of your werd-skilzography.

    Funny stuff. Man oh man, you are funny.

    Funny good, not funny ha-ha. Because two ha’s aren’t very funny.

  2. Ivy

    Great stuff as always, Jane. You are brilliant!

  3. philangelus

    You guys are aware that I didn’t write the LOLcat Bible itself, right? Just the article. 😉

  4. Jenni

    Oh yes, we are aware – Ceilin Cat guides the hand of man to write the LOL Bible. 🙂