Motherhood is not for the squeamish

Kiddo#3 is fascinated by the diapers of Kiddo#4. I’m not sure why: he’s not even his mother. 

If you recall, back in my immediately postpartum hormonal days, I said that if I were tempted, I could easily turn into the kind of mother who would brag about the color of her newborn’s poop. Thankfully, I’ve graduated slightly beyond that. I mean, what kind of deranged lunatic would post a photo of her newborn’s poop on the World Wide Web?

Anyhow, Kiddo#3 watched me change a poopy diaper and then announced, “That look like Mac And Cheese.”

I hesitated and thought, “Gee, I have no idea where to even begin commenting on that.”

So here’s a photo. What do you think?

As opposed to this:

I mean, yeah, I do actually see the similarities. On the other hand, I don’t see the next Kraft ad campaign going in this direction. I could be wrong, but I’m not sure that either product is secretly longing to be associated with the other.

I’m also not sure which product (either the Kraft brand or the Kiddo brand) would emerge the worse for the comparison. Only one of them really can claim to be “all natural,” for one thing.

Kiddo#3 is not, apparently, squeamish, and will still eat the not-all-natural substance for lunch despite making the comparison. Fastidious eater? Not him. Although I may never eat it again.


  1. karen =^.,.^=

    LOL!! my first two children are 13 months apart. whenever i would change my daughter’s diaper (who came second), i would have to keep my older child far away or he would throw up. just the thought of her dirty diaper would make his eyes water and turn red and cause the gag reflex and yet everytime he would try to come over and inspect what was going on. bless his sweet heart. and i breast fed her so she had some really really blow out diapers!! and then baby three came along… yep, three in diapers, those were the days! sure was a good thing when we figured out what was causing that… 🙂

  2. twithhoney

    It took a year for my husband to finally be able to eat a sandwich with mustard after changing my newborn breastfeeding daughter’s diaper. Good thing we didn’t make the connection between that color and macaroni and cheese. There were a few sleep deprived nights where good ole Easy Mac came to the rescue for dinner.

  3. Kit

    LOL! My 10 year old (the Aspie, of course) has been quite helpful and diagnostic when it comes to the smell, color, and consistency of the offal. “Yep, definitely the sweet potatoes from last night” or “Maybe he’s not ready for yogurt, yet — whoo-whee!” and “Did someone give him Mylicon yesterday?” She’s the Henry Higgins of poop.

    She has a great future in the lab sciences, or as a big-game tracker on safari.

  4. Jenni

    “She’s the Henry Higgins of poop.”
    Can I quote you? That was awesome.

    Good thing I’m not squeamish – I LOVE mac n cheese.

  5. Kit

    Jenni – Absolutely! (I cracked myself up on that one, actually!)