update on the romantic comedy series

Bucky: Maybe it’s time everyone met me.
Lee: Why?
Bucky: I’ve heard my charm and charisma is winning fans at an as-yet-unnamed book publisher.
Lee: You’re mistaken. It’s got to be my charm and charisma.
Bucky: Yours?
Lee: Well, yeah. I mean, I’m a hot single gal living the wild life in New York City while working at her dream job —
Bucky: Which is?
Lee: Which shall remain nameless. And you’re just —
Bucky: Do go on.
Lee: Well, just my guardian angel.
Bucky: So, I’m “just” a higher-order being who beholds the Face of God Almighty and has a profound glory and majesty beyond your understanding?
Lee: {smothered laughter}
Bucky: I’m so abused.
Lee: I was coughing.
Bucky: I’m sure. Why don’t you tell them what you do for a living?
Lee: I’m — Uh — I write snarky weblog entries.
Bucky: How do people earn income from snarky weblog entries?
Lee: Well —
Bucky: Try again?
Lee: I’m a tax attorney?
Bucky: You haven’t balanced your checkbook in eight years, four months and six days.
Lee: I’m a manicurist.
Bucky: You don’t know which end of a nail polish bottle is the business end.
Lee: Sure, hold that over my head.
Bucky: Fourth time’s the charm?
Lee: I’m an author.
No, as the author of this post, I assure you, she’s not.
Lee: That’s not fair.
Tough. I’m the author. You’re the character. Keep that in mind.
Bucky: Don’t worry. God says the same thing to me all the time.
Lee: I’m surrounded by wiseacres.
Bucky: And coincidentally, I say that all the time. Look, shall I just cut to the chase?
Lee: No, no, I’ll do it. You’ll just tell everyone I’m a flake who can’t even stay with the same long distance company for three months at time.
Bucky: I’d tell everyone you’re my human charge, and you’ve been able to see your guardian angel —
Lee: My intelligent and good-humored guardian angel.
Bucky: — since you were three, and thank you. You tend to serially date guys. Oh, and you’re also a pathological liar, but only about one thing. Your job.
Lee: That’s not so bad.
Bucky: You’re an auto mechanic.
Bucky: There’s nothing shameful in doing honest work that you love. And which irritates your mother to no end.
Lee: Well, yeah, that’s an unexpected bonus.
Bucky: And if people want to read more about the two of us, then maybe they need to pray a bit and ask God to ramrod our story through committee.
Lee: Because otherwise, they won’t ever know you have this strange fascination with the Rumours album.
Bucky: They kind of know it now.
Lee: Oops.
Bucky: That’s okay. Let me play with your iPod and I’ll forgive you.
Lee: {sighing} I’m already getting it out.


  1. karen ^.,.^

    first thing i thought when i saw the feather and the wrench was joe and ken (not romantically) – shuriken for joe and wrench for ken’s airfield – it was an odd deju ve. i got all excited that you might be doing more scavengers work!

    but i am really hoping your romantic comedy will get through the committee! bucky and lee sound wonderful and i’d love to read more about them. i hope you get some good news soon.

  2. Jenni

    That’s awesome. And yes, I will be praying.

  3. Ali

    I really want to read this now… Fingers crossed for the book!

  4. ivyreisner

    I feel so privileged at having been able read it regardless of what the committee decides. Your book is in my prayers and if the book publisher actually wants a profitable title, they’d be foolish to ignore your novel.

  5. philangelus

    Thanks for the prayers and encouragement, guys.

    This saga has gone through so many twists and pitfalls at this point that only one thing is guaranteed: when editors get together at conferences and trade tales of “The weirdest attempt to acquire a book,” this particular editor is going to win, hands-down. And hey, that’s a kind of literary fame in and of itself.

    Karen, Kiddo#4 has effectively stalled any attempt at writing fanfic right now. Sad, but true.

    Ivy, you’d better watch out with the unbridled praise or I might drop the manuscript for the sequel into your inbox. 😉

  6. ivyreisner

    Would you? Please?

  7. philangelus

    Be careful what you ask for. 😉 You may get it after I enter in the hand-written corrections off the hard copy.

  8. ivyreisner

    Okay. Whenever you’re ready. I’ve authorized your Verizon account to e-mail directly to my Kindle, so just send it as an attachment to IR@Kindle.com if you would please. Or if that’s a bother, send it to any of my e-mail addresses and I’ll forward it to the Kindle. Thanks.

  9. joe

    This is funny. I hope you get this published

  10. gshstudy

    Absolutely Awesome!!! I am looking forward to reading the whole book. And I agree with Ivy, they would be insane not to publish it. I’ll be praying for you. And who knows, maybe the making of this book will become a book itself as well 🙂

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