Annihilation: chapter three

Seven Archangels: Annihilation, chapter three, has now been posted!

Chapter Three:
Gabriel awakens chained in Hell, where he learns about the enemy’s plans to annihilate him. His attempt to escape is thwarted when Satan arrives.

My favorite moment from this chapter is the conversation between Gabriel and Mephistopheles, when Gabriel is so genuinely intrigued by the theoretical possibility of destroying an angel’s soul that it doesn’t really strike home to him that he is about to be the one destroyed.

Instead the two Cherubim get more excited about the possibilities until eventually Mephistopheles comes out with:

“Tell me how it feels—tell me everything. I’ll record it for study, and I’ll even share the results with your choir-mates.”
Mephistopheles lunged closer and grabbed him by the forearms. “Gabriel, if it has to happen, the least you can do is make sure it’s properly documented.”

I’ve known too many engineers not to laugh out loud whenever I read that line.



  1. Katie

    ” With Camael kneeling like a makeshift altar, Lucifer channeled all his power through the twin and fine-tuned Camael’s larger strokes while Mephistopheles and Beelzebub together wove a perfect living Guard with their bonded souls.

    Absolutely immobilized, Gabriel foundered as he tried to retain whatever those beads were that composed himself. The last thing he saw was the intensity of Camael’s eyes—horrified and helpless and grim. Then Gabriel’s glow winked out, plunging the chamber into blackness.”

    This is my favourite passage of this chapter. I really enjoyed the way you depicted this. Remiel is forced to participate in this as Camael and that makes the scene very hard to bear.

    The humanity with which you describe these heavenly creatures makes the complicated relationships seem effortless.