Annihilation, favorite moment for chapter seven

Chapter Seven is now up over at MindFlights.

I think from now on I’ll put the favorite moments behind the “more” tag because they may contain spoilers, and I don’t want to spoil my own book. 🙂

Chapter Seven is what my Patient Husband calls The Meeting. He found it funny what they resolved to do and not do because, as he says, it’s just like what happens at most meetings he attends.

For me, the favorite moment isn’t really a moment: it’s the continuum of how Michael keeps trying to deal with the reality of what’s happened to Gabriel and at the same time keep faith but also keep being the leader the angels need right now. The pressures on him are tremendous, but he knows they need him. There’s one moment where he catches some angels laughing and wonders how anyone can laugh when all this is going on, and yet he himself shares a few covert smiles with Saraquael during the same meeting.

It’s one of those touches of normalcy, of familiarity, we all need in the heart of a crisis.