Hey! A review!

Julie from the Catholic Media Review has reviewed my novel Seven Archangels: Annihilation! And she liked it!

One of the most wonderful things she says (non-story-wise) is that she incorporated some of the novel’s imagery into her prayers and found it helpful. That’s the kind of honor writers really appreciate, because nothing is more intimate than a soul’s commerce with God, and to be included (third-party-wise) into that kind of conversation is quite amazing.

She cross-posted the review at her weblog, Happy Catholic, and there’s some discussion going on in the comments section there too.

Overall, I’m thrilled. Thank you, Julie!


  1. Julie D.

    Hey, I tell it like I see it … a great fantasy book is a great fantasy book! If it has angels, God, and all that jazz, well, then I just like it even more. 🙂