It’s been a while since I posted about angels, so here we’ll have two incidents from Thursday morning.

1) On Tuesday night, while I got the kids ready for their first day of school, Kiddo#2 said, “Where are my glasses?” She’s supposed to wear them while reading, but instead she keeps them in a case inside her school bag. She hadn’t seen them for two months.

I know what you’re thinking, but really, it should be, “I know what you’re thinking, punk: was that nineteen books I read, or only eighteen?” Because the child has read continuously over the summertime, starting with Prince Caspian and ending with the entire adventures of Tintin, and interspersing it with things like reading the backs of the cereal boxes in the morning. She simply did it without the benefit of her glasses, making me gloriously happy to have spent a hundred bucks on them last year.

Over the summer, what did we do: we moved. Right. So where could they be? I checked in all the likely hiding places. I asked her when was the last time she remembered wearing them. “The last day of school,” she said. Really? “Well, sometime during the school year.” Yep, I’m really happy I spent a hundred bucks on those things. But, she has them, so we need to keep looking.

I declared defeat by bedtime, and she went to school on Wednesday without her glasses.

Thursday morning, I went to get the checkbook for a hot lunch payment and the glasses were sitting there, in their case, exactly where I’d checked for them on Tuesday night. My Patient Husband says he wasn’t the one who put them there. Until I hear otherwise, I’m crediting angel-work.

2) Thursday morning, I brought the cat back to the vet for more fluid therapy. Tired and concerned, I drove home in a bit of a fog. It’s that “I’m safe to drive, but I want to drive at 32 mph rather than 35mph” feeling, where you’re tired and you’d rather get home five minutes later than be aggressive. The roads were mostly clear.

Angelborough has two intersections that were, unfortunately, designed when Satan was the town planner. Neither one has a stop-light. One is a five-way intersection that you have to drive into halfway in order to see the oncoming traffic.

The other is a four-way stop that looks like an elongated X. When I arrived at that one, there were three cars already stopped. The first car went through, and then it was a point where I and the car directly across from me (a black SUV) could have gone through (straight) while the little red car waited.

And instead I felt inside, *Let them all go.*

I was tired, so I thought, “I have a brilliant idea. I’ll let them all go first.”

Two seconds later, there are horns blaring, because someone in a silver SUV came up the 4th leg of the X and just plowed into the intersection. The black SUV (directly across from me) swerved into MY lane in order to avoid the interloper, while the red car stopped halfway into the intersection… And I sat in perfect safety back at the stop line.

Because God looks out for fools, drunks, the United States of America, and me.


  1. illya

    Your incident in the car is one which we have all experienced. And afterward, it reconfirms our trust in instinct, for instinct is more than our “better judgment” It is the spirit of goodness instructing us to do something for our own or someone else’s good. Glad you heeded its call

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