Grace blossoms

A few days ago I was outside when I noticed the  hanging spider plant had flowers.

They were tiny white blooms with yellow pollen, trumpet-shaped. The very tiniest insects were hovering around them, so small you could barely see them as hovering dots.

I said to God, “I didn’t know spider plants could make flowers!”

I felt my guardian angel reply, “You knew that.”

As I heard that, I remembered the spider plant I’d had as a young girl, that it used to make flowers.

I thought out into the air, “But I’d forgotten that.”

The previous one certainly never bloomed. It was barely alive at all. And I wondered if you could have male and female spider plants.

The sweetest thing about these tiny flowers is that they only seem to last for a day. If you wait, they just aren’t there any longer, but then there are new ones. The whole stem has tiny buds, and they open one or two at a time. If you don’t go out there every day to check the plant, you miss them.

It’s like God’s grace in a way, a little bit of beauty that comes, serves its purpose, and goes. If you aren’t looking for it then you might miss it.

And maybe, like in my case, if it’s been too long you forget what it was like. Or that it existed at all.